Sunday, June 8, 2008

Two Mandalas

I have already colored two mandalas, that I gave to Scott. He's been a real source of support for me these past couple of weeks, even though we aren't together any longer. The first one was colored in my colors - blues and greens - and it says, "There is peace in knowing you are always there for me".

The second one was colored in his colors - reds, greens, and browns - and it says "The joy I seek is there for the asking". He saw his right away when he walked into the house - it was interesting how immediately drawn he was to it, which pleased me. He already knows where he's going to put them.


Carver said...

Wow Dee, Those are both beautiful. I saw the one in your colors on your other post but the one in Scott's colors looks even more elaborate. I'm not sure I have the manual dexterity for the elaborate ones or not. I think I mentioned that I'm at about a kindergarten level. Still, it might be fun to try one of the complicated ones. I could probably design something fairly complicated but the coloring within the lines part would be hard for me. Then again with all my graphics programs, I could do it on the computer putting in color mixes and stuff but that's not the same thing and part of what's relaxing to me about coloring is getting away from my computer. Anyway, you did a great job with both of those.

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
The mandala in my colors is the same mandala that I posted earlier, but I did color it differently. The one in this post has more blues, but the one in my earlier post was a smaller version I did at the radiation center and it had all the colors of the rainbow in it. But, thank you for the compliments!

The Mandala Lady said that she had an engineer color one using his computer, so the sky's the limits in terms of how you color . . . she really doesn't want to put any strict rules on what to do. She just offers them to others. But, you're right. It's been nice to get away from the computer and just color.

Well, have a good day!