Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mandala of the Month Club

As I've been posting about the radiation treatments, I mentioned that I've been coloring these mandalas in the waiting room. A couple of other cancer bloggers I know (NYC Jeanne and Carver) both mentioned how soothing or relaxing it might be to color. So, I got the bright idea to have a group of cancer bloggers color a mandala - either the same or different ones - and post about them within the same few days.

I then went to visit "The Mandala Lady", aka Maureen Frank, who has a shop here in town called Maiah's Creations. Her website is: I told her my idea and she thought that it would be a cool thing to do. She then told me about her Mandala of the Month activity at:

This is where she uploads a free mandala and encourages people to color it. She'd like people to post photos of their mandalas to her website and we thought that it would be cool if she put the links to the cancer bloggers and/or we would link to her site to show them off. She encourages people to be creative and to have fun and also to not necessarily color inside the lines. So, go to the MOTM website and download the mandala and color it, take a picture of it, and then post it. She said that if anything comes to mind as you're coloring, she would be interested in hearing those thoughts and comments.

As we stood there talking about coloring these as a healing kind of exercise, she stopped, and said, "I've just been hit with something. Wait a minute." Then, "I think I might design a mandala for you cancer bloggers, but I will need to meditate some on what that might be."

At any rate, so far, Carver, NYC Jeanne, Seattle Jeanne, and Terri (The Cheeky Librarian) are going to participate and we hope to post something by June 23. Carver is already playing with hers and has already posted some photos:

Carver's Mandalas

Fun, huh? If you are so inclined, we would be pleased if there is anyone else out there who might want to join us! If you do, post a comment or let me know and we will try to post photos of all of them! Cool, huh?

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