Monday, June 16, 2008

The King Island Gallery

My research team (community members and scientists) are trying to tie up this large project funded by the National Science Foundation. It has a long formal name, but I've just ended up calling it the King Island Placenames project. If you want to know more about the project, go to this link:

King Island Placenames project

Alex Nyers, one of our grad students, has just launched a photo gallery of the project. We had over 8,000 digital photographs taken through the course of the project. There were at least 10 photographers, including community members and scientists. The gallery is organized by year of the project and then, either by photographer and/or subject. There's a lot of cool photos of the project, so if you're interested, the site is:

The King Island Photo Gallery

You can search for photo name and also for those photos that we have identified as being associated with certain placenames. We haven't finished that identification process, though, so not all placenames have photos. If you do see a photo and want to tell me what place that is, please let me know! We may eventually have a comment place on the gallery or the interactive web map, so for now, just contact me and let me know.

I know that a lot of community members read my blog ... so please, enjoy the photographs. They belong to KINC.

A huge huge thank you to Alex for creating the gallery template and then manipulating the digital files to make this gallery accessible to everyone. Other thank yous go to project personnel and community members who have worked on this project: Kai Henifin, Cathleen Osborne-Gowey, Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey, Kim Nelson, Matt Ganley, Mary Dillard, Jesse Ford, TT Tahbone, Jon Butzke, Scott Kingston, Olga Kingston, Teddy Mayac Sr., Charlene Saclamana, Greg Saclamana, Marie Saclamana, Jessica and Kevin Saclamana, Francis Alvanna, Earl Mayac, Leona Mayac, Frances Muktoyuk, Gabriel Muktoyuk, Johanna Kane, Lillian Tiulana, Susie Toliver, Helen Pushruk, Larry Kaplan, Owen Mason, Claire Alix, Jeffrey Saclamana, Caroline Muktoyuk Brown, Toni Smith, Theresa Muktoyuk, Pat Sagoonick, Lucy Koyuk, Bertha Herzner, Becky Amarok, Gemma Carlisle, Barbie Golorgergen, Alyssa and Rhiannon Golorgergen. Kathleen Paniataaq, Kuni Ellanna, Agatha Ford, Agatha Kukuluk, and Sylvester Ayek.

Oh, and I guess I need to (reluctantly) thank Jimmy Carlisle. He's a royal pain in the butt. But he helped, too. (Jimmy? Are you offended? LOL)

I know I've forgotten someone. Please let me know if I have.


Carver said...

What a great project. I followed the links and enjoyed looking at the photographs.

Alex said...

It was my pleasure to work on it. Hopefully over the next year we can polish it up and make it even better.


Dee said...

Hi Carver - I hope you got a sense of King Island from the photos. And, Alex, thanks for visiting and again, thank you very much! The gallery looks great!

agiaviniq said...

Dede,you Guys did a Great Job on the K.I. project,I enjoy looking at them.Thank-You so Much!!

Dee said...

Hi Clara,
I'm glad you liked it! We will have more information on the web by Christmastime, hopefully! I'll let everyone know when we get the website up and running! Thanks for stopping by .. . Love, Dede