Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eight down, 20+ to go

Again, I really don't know how many cancer cells there are. But I've decided to start with the nice figure of 100 million. (Well, maybe not really nice, but realistic.)

I started Monday with perhaps 10 million cells. I've had three treatments, so after treatment on Monday, it was down to 5 million. It went up to 6 million overnight, then Tuesday's treatment cut out another 3 million. This morning it was up to 3.6 million. Today's treatment got it down to 1.8 million. Tomorrow, I start with about 2.16 million. Thursday's treatment brings it down to 1.1 million. Friday morning, I will start with 1.32 million, and Friday's treatment will bring it down to 660,000.

I think I will work on a chart that will calculate this through all of the treatments. It will help me remember to be thankful for these treatments instead of seeing them as a drag. It helps keep my eye on the prize, right?

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