Monday, June 2, 2008

5 Million Down, 5 Million to Go - Also, a Day of Firsts

So, I had my first radiation treatment today (well, the first one in 5+ years) and it was uneventful. The whole time I was laying on the table and the machine was whirring, I imagined a ray blasting those cancer cells to smithereens, and, then, alternatively, a cleansing/purifying shower washing out the dirty cancer and replacing it with pure clean water. I need to practice my visualization more. They were running a bit late, but while I waited in the waiting room, I was able to relax while coloring this mandala coloring book. They had some colored pencils that I was using. It was kinda fun coming up with a color design on the mandala. I loved designs like that as a kid and I enjoyed coloring. I enjoyed the focus and I think it helped put me in a frame of mind where I could imagine cancer cells dying.

I also had my first date with Boat Guy. I forgot to tell him, though, that I blogged about him, so until I do, I'm going to take down that post about dating again. The date was fine - we're still getting to know each other. I don't feel like I can say more . . . so while I might tell you in person, I'm not going to blog about it at the moment! Sorry! : )


Carver said...

Hi Dee, Coloring in the waiting room is the best idea. I have some water color pencils which are cool too although carrying a cup of water might be awkward. I'm so glad you thought of doing that. I may borrow that idea for my next waiting room time. I also like the visualizations you did during radiation. Take care, Carver

Susan B. said...

oops! let me try again,

Coloring mandalas beats what I did: read old Readers Digests and Ladies Home Journals in my oh-so-lovely smock.

Firsts become seconds then thirds and on. Rock it! We are cheering you on!


Dee said...

Hi Carver and Susan,
Thank you both for reading and commenting! It really helps to know that you're all out there rooting for me!

Yes, I do like coloring that mandala. If I remember, I will take my camera with me to my treatment tomorrow and take a picture of my little creation.

Also, I need to download some other photos - some cedar waxwings visited my red hot pokers in my yard yesterday - and while I don't have a great telephoto lens on my digital, I think I did get shots of several of them hanging on to the stalks stealing seeds! it was cool. Also, while talking to my dad in the yard today, I saw this great hummingbird - it had a brilliant red on its head, I think, but it took off before I could get a great look.

Carver said...

Hi Dee, That's so cool that you saw a hummingbird. I usually get quite a few but haven't spotted any yet this season. My eyes are peeled though.

That will be fun if you do take a picture of your mandala and post it.