Saturday, June 14, 2008

I believe my intelligence was insulted

I found this reply in my inbox this morning. I think she just insulted me!

Dear Ms K,

I believe this is your first reply. We know the ethics of product review. In fact, we have sent invites followed by the product itself, to a few selected bloggers, whom we thought are intelligent enough to try our product-for free and do a review about it.

Unfortunately, it was a mistake sending you an invite.

Our deepest apology for taking too much of your precious time.

Ms Williams


Rena said...

Man! That really 'ticks' (not my original discribing term) me off! I wonder where we can complain about that! Im sorry, Dede. Maybe a good fight will help with attitude!? Reen

Carver said...

Wow Dee, I read your posts fast yesterday having just returned from the beach so I missed this one and the one before about what prompted it. That infuriates me. Obviously they don't have a clue about what your blog is about. To be honest, I hate the commercialization of blogs. I totally understand that some people need the money and write product reviews and if I am visiting as part of a photo activity, I will plow past paid posts to get to the photograph or why ever I'm there but it's definitely harder for me. I consider the donate buttons on cancer bloggers pages to be a totally different issue and I wish I was in a position to contribute. But the idea of your getting an email like that makes me want to scream. I've decided that I won't ever have anything commercial on my blog period so if I get an email like you did asking me to review a product, I will let you know what I say. This totally burns me up. I hope everything is going ok for you.

Dee said...

Yeah, Carver, I'm totally with you on the commercialization of blogs. It's ridiculous - I understand it if someone needs the money and pitches a product or like the donate button on cancer blogs. But I'm with you - my blog is about my life with cancer. It's about getting support and keeping people updated on what's going on.