Thursday, June 26, 2008

Radiation Treatment #16

Today, I had radiation treatment #16 - only 12 more to go! Yippee!! But my doctor is pretty sure she wants to do booster treatments, depending on how well my skin and the wound are holding up. But I will worry about those in a couple of weeks.

But as I waited for my dressing room to open up, I chatted with a couple of ladies in the waiting room. One is having a fun relaxing time coloring mandalas and we chatted about the one she was working on. The other woman was diagnosed with liver cancer last August and it has spread to her brain - she said she had lots of little tumors there. She only found out two weeks ago and is having whole brain radiation. I told her that I was sorry to hear that news and also that I know she must still be adjusting to the news. I tried joking around some, too. As she left, she said, "Why are you always smiling so much?" or "How come you smile so much?" I looked at her with a smile and the only thing I could think of to say was, "I work at it." It's part of my theory (based upon reading bunches of books) that cancer can't survive in a happy body.


Carver said...

Congratulations on 16 down. Take that and that and that nasty cells!

I love your reply to say "I work at it" as to why you smile a lot. I have a friend who says: "cancer hates laughter" and has always used that as part of her alternative treatment so to speak. I've tried to take that to heart and laugh out loud frequently.

I also blow bubbles on my deck. I've finished several versions of the July mandala already and last night I came up with a design from scratch that I've colored in twice. I drew the lines on the computer and sharpened the colored pencils and went to town on it.

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
You're absolutely right - I need to be thinking that "take that and that and that you nasty cells!" Hey . . . maybe I could make a mandala out of that? Hmmm. . .

You know, it does seem kinda funny that one must work at being happy. But I think it helps. Focusing on what's positive is much better and I know it's helped me. I think you're right - "cancer hates laughter" and I'm glad you take it to heart.

I need to blow some bubbles. I think Eddie has some laying around here somewhere. Did you post your mandalas?
Take care, Carver!