Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thank Yous!

Something that I need to be reminded of pretty regularly lately is to remember that there are things that I'm thankful for. The recent research that's been coming out about how giving thanks on a daily basis increases one's overall sense of well-being is sometimes hard to do, but it is a good exercise.

To that end, I need to thank some people. They've all been there to listen to me and to see me cry, or they've emailed me and asked me what else they can do to help, or they've reminded me that I just need to call and that I'm always free to hang out with them. They've offered some helpful advice or stated some bald truths that I needed to hear whether or not I wanted to hear them. These individuals are, in no particular order: Scott, Rick & Tammy, Heather, Josh & Amy, my folks, my sister, Sunil, Brenda, Susan, Carver, Jeanne, NYC Jeanne, Karen, Missy & Andy, Irene, and Nancy. There are probably a couple more and I'm sorry if I've missed you.

You've all reminded me that I am, in fact, not really alone. You are all there helping me with this fight. I plan to report someday that we're making some progress. Someday soon, hopefully. Thank you, all.


Clara said...

Hi dede,So Sorry to here about your cancer coming back.I think & pray for you everyday!
Just want to Thank-You Very much for helping Aunt Olga(your mom)come here to Fairbanks be with your Aunt Margaret's family,it ment a lot to us! Still so hard on us,were taking it one day at the time. Clara

Carver said...

Hi Dee,

Just back from my vacation. I am catching up on your blog and I appreciate your including me in the people you thanked. I am glad to have gotten to know you. You are going through so much but maintain your sense of humor while juggling so many different things. As ever, Carver

Dee said...

Hi Clara and Carver,
Thank you both for visiting - it means a lot that you're keeping up with how and what I'm doing. Clara, I'm just glad mom was able to go be with you guys and I'm still really sorry Auntie Margaret passed. And, Carver, you have been a tremendous help that means a lot to me. I hope you had a great vacation!