Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Again

I arrived home last night - mom and dad picked me up at the Portland airport - the plane was about a half hour late. But we landed into some beautiful sunshine and blue skies. I was really tired last night and after doing the bare minimum, I was able to get to bed and get a good night's sleep.

I had radiation treatment # 13 today and went into my office for just a few minutes. I've sent the afternoon putzing around the house - watering the lawns, the flower meadow that we seeded 10 days ago. Eddie decided to take a mud bath - then I had to give him a real bath because he was sooo dirty! He had fun, so I figure it was all worth it! Dad worked in the yard - started trimming this hedge to the right of my garage and then swept up all the needles on the driveway from said hedge. He also helped me get my air conditioner installed in the living room window - it was located next to my pretty yellow rose bush and I believe that bush nicked both of us. So, it was a good productive day. Volleyball tonight . . . have a good evening!


Carver said...

Hi Dee, I hope that your radiation treatment went ok and that volleyball was great fun. I think volleyball sounds a lot more fun than radiation but I guess their both part of the treatment in a way.

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
You're right - both are therapy. Volleyball was fun even though there was only two of us and we picked up a third player. Nice to get out and get some fresh air!

I just hope I didn't tire you out while I was there! Hope you're continuing to do well!

mynameischarlene said...

Hi Deanna! I've finally had time to sit down and glance through your blog (I've finally found time to breath...)

You know reading this blog takes me back to your house. I miss both you and eds company, your house, your hydrangea, rose bushes, visiting with your family, perhaps the weather alittle bit. I need a vacation.

Well, glad your getting out and hopefully haven't been sick. Well, I have several days your blog to read. Later.

Dee said...

Hi Charlene,
I just got caught up on your blog yesterday but haven't had a chance to leave a comment - it sounds like you definitely need a vacation! I want you to know that you're welcome to come down here and visit any time! I still have that spare room. I'm hoping to get up to Nome in August or September, but it depends on how things go with treatments. I'll keep you posted. Anyway . . . rest up, okay?