Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Slow Burn - Another Note about the Mandala, Part 2

Yesterday, I showed "Slow Burn" to my counselor and she pointed out something that was obvious but yet the conscious thought never entered my head.

"Slow Burn" looks like the sun. The sun "radiates" heat and light. Hmm. Interesting that that came up while coloring about how I was feeling - and having to do daily radiation treatments.

Also, "slow burn" refers to this low-lying anger I feel, but it could also refer to 1) the slow burn that the cancer cells are receiving from the radiation; 2) the slow burn that my skin is getting from the radiation; and 3) the burning sun (well, it is burning pretty quickly, I suppose, but because it will burn for millions of years - it's "slow" in human time. Does that make sense?

And, finally, the sun's radiation is life. These radiation treatments mean life.

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