Thursday, June 5, 2008

Eddie in Arcade Glasses

A couple of weeks ago, my son won these glasses at a local arcade. I'm finally getting around to posting it! Great shot, huh? : )


jeanne said...

It is a great looking kid who can wear THOSE glasses and a um, long purple thingie and still come out looking CUTE. (That is one of those photos where it is impossible to look at it and not smile. I sense a computer wallpaper change a'comin'.)

Dee said...

Hi Jeanne,
The long purple thingie is actually one of those party favors, that you blow into and the paper unrolls to its full length? When I took the picture, he was blowing air into a mouth piece which then inflated that long purple thingie (which is actually red, but that's my camera for you). When he stopped blowing, it rolled up on either side.

And, yes, my son is a definite cutie! It does make me smile!

Carver said...

He looks adorable in those glasses. My cable is out and I'm resorting to dial up so I may be scarce from the internet until it's sorted out.