Friday, June 13, 2008

Assignment: Gratitude List

After my acupuncture treatment today, my acupuncturist told me to write a gratitude list. After I told her about how I'm feeling - the anger and the loneliness - she decided to put needles in spots associated with suppressed anger and also with letting go. What's interesting is that as she felt around for these spots, they were tender! To me, this tells me that these were areas that had stagnated energy that needed to be unblocked - in other words, I believe that acupuncture really works.

Okay, on to the gratitude list.

I am grateful for my dad, who spent several hours today rototilling my yard so that we could finally plant flower seeds and make a meadow out of that part of my yard.

I am grateful to my parents for taking care of Eddie this morning and generally making my life easier so that I could go to acupuncture, get the rototiller, go to radiation, and meet with Alex, a grad student.

I am grateful to Alex for doing all the technical computer work necessary to get the King Island Gallery online - this gallery will contain the 8,000 digital photos that were taken during the course of the King Island placenames project. Once it's launched on my departmental website, I will post the link.

I am grateful to Scott, who is still willing to be my friend and who will be helping me tomorrow with letting go of the relationship.

I am grateful that my son is happy and healthy. He has been quite patient throughout these past few weeks especially.

I am grateful to my acupuncturist for helping me to deal with cancer and other life events.

I am grateful to Terri and Callie - my radiology technicians - who were very sweet to me today when I told them that I'd been having a rough time.

I am grateful to Cat and Jeanne - who both, in different ways, offered the support I needed via email.

I am grateful to Rick who took time off work today to pick up the rototiller and then to bring it back later.

I am grateful to all of my friends who are sending positive thoughts my way.

I am grateful that the sun is shining and it's warm - finally!!

I am grateful to Karen for getting the paperwork that I asked for completed this week.

I am grateful to my son for being patient with me as I work through all of this stuff.

I am grateful that I have insurance.

I am grateful to my program officer at NSF.

I am grateful to my colleagues who are there for me, too.

I am grateful for love.

Thanks for listening to this . . .

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