Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today's Gratitude List

Today, I heard from a couple of friends (Stan and Heather) via email and both messages were very much appreciated, so I just wanted to say thank you! They offered all kinds of support! My friend Tammy sent me a couple of jokes and then I invited myself up to Tammy's and Rick's for dinner. I really am fortunate to have that kind of support. Scott also listened to all sorts of things I had to say - thank you to him, too!

Well, I also had some jewelry resized and put into new settings a few weeks ago and I had a chance to pick them up today. I've been friends with Carol for as long as I've been friends with Tammy and Rick and then Carol ended up marrying Connan a few years ago (wow - almost 6!!) and for awhile, Carol and Connan and then Connan's brother, Sean, and his wife, Elisa, played on our softball team. Sean and Elisa own Olufson's Designs (a jewelry store) downtown and they are the ones I asked to work on my jewelry. I really love the work that was done! The jewelry turned out nicely, so that's another thing to be thankful for!

And, it's sunny. So, thank you everyone for being there!

Also, today at counseling, I told her about how I often forget to take my evening Xeloda dose. I remember a few months ago that a couple of other bloggers would mention how they took reduced doses or would forget. I didn't understand it because I've always been a good patient and done what I had to do - took those pills, etc.

But you know, now I understand why this happens. I told my counselor that not taking my night-time Xeloda is like having a mini-revolt. I get tired of always being a good patient. I figure I'm doing about 10 others things that more than make up for the missed doses. I'm entitled to be rebellious once in awhile, right?

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