Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We made the paper!

You gotta love living in a small town! Our local paper prints the results of the city league softball games, complete with a short list of the batters who had the most hits for either team.

Three of my friends and I made the paper this week as well as one of the newer people on the team - a young guy (at least compared to some of us who are about 17-18 years older than him).

It says and I quote, "Amy Searles, Dee Kingston, and Rick Webb all had three hits, and Bryan Hill [he's the new guy] and Josh Searles each had four hits in the win." Oh, yeah, we won 23-10! We are now 4 and 2 for the season. The other Samaritan team is 5 and 2 on the season - they're in the same league as we are. We lost to them last week.

But we have a winning season so far! Yippee!

Note: Amy and Josh were on my first date with Scott and Amy, Josh, Rick, and I all went to see Journey and Def Leppard three years ago. Rick and I have known each other since 1990 since we were on a volleyball team together and then he joined the softball team I was on in 1991. Rick's wife was on the softball team beginning in 1990. Amy and Josh got on the softball team in 2001, I think.


Carver said...

I love small town papers. My mother was from a small mountain town in NC (although it has grown a lot). When Bill and I and our new baby visited my grandmother 24 some years ago, a friend who was living in the same town called me in hysterics because there was a mention in the paper of my grandmother being visited by us (the deal was the first great grandchild which was my daughter). It was so funny though that our visit made the paper.

Congrats on your softball team's win.

Dee said...

Carver, That's a great story about you visiting your grandmother! I love it! And, it is a big deal when a great-grandchild and great-grandparent get to meet. Very cool.

I hope you're surviving your hot North Carolina days. Our summer finally got hot yesterday - temps in the high 80s. It felt hot, but I think the humidity is finally low, so it's not so bad. Whew.