Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CT scan today

I had a CT scan today - not sure when I'll get the results. If I don't hear from Dr. K by Friday, I'll give him a call. I see him July 10, though, so he may just wait until I see him.

Tomorrow is my zometa treatment day - will have blood drawn for tumor markers. I may get one of the results later on Thursday, but probably not until Friday.

As for Eddie's lice, there are less and less signs of the little buggers. I only found a handful of nits last night and this morning. I used this gel/shampoo treatment on him tonight and then I had to comb out the gel ... I think I combed out three lice - I think. It's hard to tell. They were little dark specks, anyway.

Scott's poison oak reaction was really bad the last day or two, so he finally went to the doctor today and got a prescription for prednisone. The rash was really weeping but today, they are finally drying up.

Not getting much writing done. Too much administration - reports, financial stuff, travel planning, meeting with students and others who are doing work for me so I need to keep up with what they've done and get them all started on something else. Phone calls to clarify a potential writing project. Gak!

What I need is about two full 8-hours of uninterrupted days to work. That's a luxury I haven't had in a long time. Whew.

Anyway, enjoy the nice summer weather we're having!


Teresa Hartman said...

Thinking of you while you do the scan dance. As to the little critters, I think we dealt with them for a week (I was doing two kids' heads). Getting everything washed in the house took a bunch of time, too, but probably kept the reinfestation down. The adults in the house didn't catch them - the health dept said I probably had seen them early enough to keep that from happening. Sending you mom-strength, and all the best to the special boy!

Carver said...

I'll be sending out good thoughts for you on the CT scan. Boy do I remember lice from when my daughter was around 6. It took several rounds of treating her, treating us, washing all the stuffed animals, bedding, etc. to get rid of it. Hope Scot is better soon.

Dee said...

Hi Teri, Thanks for thinking of me while I do the scan dance. I love that term, BTW. It's a bit nerve-wracking and I'm trying not to think about it. Just get to what it is I need to do. Thanks for sending me mom-strength, too! I needed it!

Hi Carver, You know, this is the first time I've ever had to deal with lice. I never had it before in my life and neither have my folks. So, knowing what to do - washing everything and trying to keep it from spreading has been a lot of work!

I hope Scott gets better soon, too ... I've had to run a couple of errands for him the past couple of days to get dressings and such for him. That's on top of all the other things I had to do!

Thank you both for visiting! We'll see what happens with the results.