Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Kind of Day That Makes You Forget That You Have Cancer

I love days like this.

After a lazy morning, my folks, Eddie, my nephew Connor, and I went berry picking at local farms. We picked 16 lbs. of raspberries and about 16-7 lbs. of marionberries.

After working up an appetite, we went to China Buffet for lunch. The boys enjoyed it as did we.

Then, my folks took Eddie and Connor to their house to babysit while I went into my office for awhile. I finally finally filed away this pile of files. Answered a couple of emails. Printed off some documents. My mom, in the meantime, cleaned all the berries and packaged some up. We plan to take some of our haul to Alaska for various people (Toni, Gemma, Toni's mom, and Charlene). We hope to carry some in our take-on baggage for Becky. I have never made freezer jam (or any other kind of jam for that matter) and hope to do so this week? (Remember, I'm not really the domestic type.)

I picked up Eddie and Connor and went home. Eddie's dad picked him up; Scott and I took Connor back to his house along with some berries for their consumption.

Scott and I then came back home, picked up some work, and headed to Big River, to eat dinner on their patio, have a beer or two, and do some work. I did a final read-through of an article that's been accepted for publication; Scott worked on his SOAP chart for massage school.

Our waiter (another Scott) happened to be married to Annalisa, who is an incoming master's student in Anthropology, who will work with my colleague Missy. Missy and her husband Andy named their baby girl Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of beer and the name of a brewery in Eugene. Scott (my boyfriend) and I drank Ninsaki Radient with our meal.

Funny coincidence, huh? To have a waiter whose wife was going to study with Missy, whose daughter is named Ninkasi, which was the name of the beer we drank with dinner. A full circle kind-of-thing.

Forgot all about the lung spots and the cancer today. I mean, I took my meds and herbs this morning and had the Xeloda after lunch. I didn't feel any real side effects today - perhaps a bit of light-headedness but it didn't last. But it was a perfect evening - hanging out with Scott, having some casual conversation with both Scotts, a good beer, a beautiful evening (sunny, blue skies, in the high 70s), good dinner, AND got some work done.

A girl can't ask for anything more, right?

Love it! No mention of cancer. Just living life. Enjoying the weather, picking berries, spending time with family, eating good food, getting some work done.

Why can't all days be like this? Love ya all!


Heather said...

Wow, that's a day ANY person would love to have; not just someone who's thankful for no cancer-talk! I love that you allow yourself to have these days. *Standing ovation*


Dee said...

Hi Heather, You're right that it's the kind of day anyone should have. What I need to do is to allow myself MORE days like that! Thanks for your support!

Daria said...

Yes take it easy and live life.

Hoping for more of those kind of days for you.