Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busy 4th of July Week-end

I had a great 4th of July week-end - just the sort of thing to do so that I didn't obsess or worry about the CT scan results or my tumor marker results (blood taken on Thursday the 2nd). Scott and I went to Bend for the week-end to visit a friend and colleague (Beth) in her home. Beth was with us in Bergen, Norway. We finally met her husband, Chris, and we had a wonderful time.

Friday evening, Chris cooked fish on the grill - sockeye salmon from Alaska with this wonderful marinade that was, as Scott says, "the bomb". We had wonderful, interesting conversations.

On Saturday, after a lazy morning and a late breakfast, we went for a hike going upriver on the Deschutes River and ended up at a boat ramp. This was the same boat ramp I ended up at when my sister, brother, and my sister's family rafted down the Deschutes a few years ago. As we got closer, I noticed this lava bed across the river and the way that it looked against the sky/hillside looked familiar. So, that was kinda fun.

Then, we went back to their house to do preparations for friends who were coming over later for burgers, beers, and fireworks. Beth and Chris live near Pilot Butte, which was where the fireworks were set off. Very cool show!

Then, after another lazy morning and late breakfast, Scott and I headed back home.

Beth and I also got some work done - we need to edit down an article for publication (take out 6 of 30 pages!!!), talk about a new one she'd like to co-write with me, and plan for the summer fieldwork - I'm going to hire Beth to do interviews in two other communities. So, all in all, a productive, fun week-end! Hope everyone had fun, too!

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Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog ... I'm just now starting to feel human and am catching up on reading everyone's blogs ...