Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to My Normal Self

On Sunday, I continued my plan of no Xeloda on the week-end - it was a fairly busy day. I was able to do some shopping and then I helped Scott scrape the last bit of grout off the tiles on my mosaic. My softball game was canceled and so a few of us went to Clod's to hang out. All in all, a good evening.

With my mosaic, we need to put an edge around the outside of it (what does one call that?) - someone suggested a thin piece of wood soaked in water so that it'll bend - and then there's a few places where it needs to be regrouted. And, yes, this time we will wipe the wet grout off the tiles before it dries! Then, put a sealant on the whole thing. And, then we put it out on the pedestal. Yay!

Yesterday, I was lazy in the morning. Then, my folks picked up Eddie as they were running errands and then I went to work. I sat in my office manager's office chatting with her about budget and accounting stuff and kept yawning and yawning. I then went in to my office, wrote some emails, got lunch, and worked on editing down an article that's been accepted for publication. Then, it was time to pick up Eddie, we ran an errand or two, and back home. I played v-ball last night (badly but fun), then picked up my nephew after his soccer practice. He and Eddie played all evening. Scott and I hung out and watched a movie, interspersed with The Bachelorette.

I took my Xeloda right with lunch. A couple of hours later, I experienced some brief dizziness and perhaps a bit of an unsettled stomach, but then it went away. It helped that I came home and ate something (for some strange reason, Xeloda makes me want to eat something sweet). I have also been thinking about that attitude adjustment - not dreading the Xeloda but rather welcoming it for what it's going to do to the cancer cells. Then, I was fine the rest of the evening, if a bit tired.

What's on tap for today? I think we are all going out picking berries (blueberries and raspberries). We means my folks, my nephew, and my son and I. Mom wants to bring them up to Alaska with us this Saturday. Then, off to my office to work a bit.

It's sunny again today - so it should be a good day!

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