Saturday, July 11, 2009

Week-end Update

I keep forgetting to let folks know . . . I saw Dr. Kenyon on Friday and we looked at the CT scan and compared it to the one from April and I indeed saw the larger spots on the lungs.

We actually didn't talk about much. He asked what side effects I experienced on Xeloda and on Tykerb. In the end, he thought that I should go back on the full dose of Tykerb and as much of the Xeloda as is comfortable. I'll get another CT scan in three months. In the meantime, we'll monitor the tumor markers and the lymph node under my left armpit.

I took one Xeloda after lunch every day from Tuesday to Friday. I felt slightly nauseous and slightly dizzy every time, within an hour to two afterwards. I also get moodier - the nauseousness is frustrating. I also got pretty mad at Scott on Thursday night - it was a minor thing but I realized the next day that the anger was misdirected. I am angry about the cancer and there was also a couple of things going on at work that were annoying. Scott, unfortunately, got the brunt of it.

I also do feel more tired on the full dose of Tykerb.

My hot flashes are a bit worse.

So, I decided that I'd give myself a little vacation from Xeloda on the week-ends.

I had a busy day today. Went to the library book sale - Mom found a book called "Spaghetti Eddie" which fits Eddie perfectly - then grocery shopping, then back home and packed up to go to a former student's daughter's three-year birthday party (holy cow - how time flies!), then Scott, Eddie, and I went to the Philomath Frolic. Eddie got to ride the rides - we went into the Fun House with him and then Scott rode the Yo-yo with him twice. It was a bit chilly (high 60s, maybe 70) at the birthday party - it was outside at a park - and then by the time we got to the Frolic, the sun came out and it was quite pleasant.

I meant to invite Eddie's cousin over to stay the night, but time got away from me. By the time we got home to have dinner, I was tired. Scott is tired. So, we're all just taking it easy.

I took Eddie to the pool yesterday. I even got in myself.

I saw my plastic surgeon's wife who is a nurse on Thursday. She gave me another laser treatment to the TRAM flap scar which is kinda thick (about 1/4 inch) and feels like a cord. Then, Friday, I talked to his nurse on Friday about getting a tattoo for the areola/nipple. Basically, everything's healed up enough to do this. So, I may do this in mid to late September . . . I would like to maybe get a tattoo on part of the TRAM flap scar, but they say to wait until about a year after surgery.

So, I've been trying to take it easy - both last night and tonight. I colored mandalas both nights.

The plan is in motion. We'll see what happens next month. Although I don't like taking Xeloda, the fact that I experience side effects means that it's doing something. I choose to believe that it's doing what it's made to do - kill those flippin' cancer cells.

In one week, I'll be in Alaska! Yay! I saw several people who worked with me on the King Island project today and several of us get to go back at the same time. We're all excited! It will be soooo neat to be back among many of my cousins and other relatives! My mom is excited as well.

And, oh yeah, an OSU student that I knew from the Longhouse was at the birthday party today with her little one-year-old boy. I went to his birthday party a few weeks ago . . . and held him a lot and fed him apple cake. The week before his birthday, I got to hold him again during a baby shower. Today, he came right to me - he kept wanting me to get a balloon for him. Later I took him the park. Then, it was time for me to go and the little guy didn't want me to leave! His mom was holding him and then he held his hands out to me and then cried when I didn't take him! He's such a cutie - just adorable, big brown eyes, big eye lashes, and lots of hair.

It's nice to be wanted by such a little cutie! : )

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