Thursday, June 11, 2009

I went to 3, yes, THREE pizza places today!

Today was Eddie's last day of school. Our original plan was to go to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate, like we did last year. Eddie likes traditions like that.

But on our way to the car after school, another mom mentioned that a few others were going to a local pizza place for lunch. This pizza place has a play room for kids. So, we went for lunch and a few of Eddie's classmates were there.

Then, we drove to Chuck E. Cheese. Eddie got to play a lot of games there. There was a mall nearby and so we were finally able to buy his summer sandals.

At lunch, this same mom mentioned that her daughter's softball team was going to a pizza place in the next town for "Family Karaoke Night" around dinner time. Eddie said he wanted to go so that he could karaoke. I figured, what the heck? So,we went. Eddie sang, "Life is a Highway". He did okay, although sometimes he forgot to sing because he was so busy reading the words.

Am I nuts or what? We're both tired. Good thing we can sleep in tomorrow!

And, now we know what to do for Eddie's birthday party - karaoke!! Anyone out there have a karaoke machine we can borrow? ; 0 LOL


Carver said...

Too funny. That makes my end of the school year tradition with my daughter seem tame. We always went to play putt putt on her last day of school when she was in elementary school. Three pizza places is a lot more ambitious.

Dee said...

Hi Carver, I only intended to go to ONE pizza place. Three is a bit much, but Eddie enjoyed it. Always fun to make good memories with him!