Monday, June 22, 2009

My Mission Today ...

is to clean out my work email! I have over 3,000 messages in my inbox and the same in my sent mail. I also need to finish making arrangements for the July trip to Nome, Alaska. (Did I tell you? My mom, Eddie, and I are leaving July 18 and return July 28! Yay!) We're working on the interactive placenames map.

Speaking of maps, I also need to mark the new map for new placename spots so that our web designer (Greg Hyatt at Greg Hyatt Designs) can add them to our interactive map.

A busy day. But the kind of work that will be fun to do. Well, maybe not cleaning out the email, but that one is a necessary one! Gak.

Happy Monday! It's sunny here and you can't go wrong with a sunny day! Right?


Liz Kreger said...

Good luck with the email clearing. 3,000? Geez. That's totally outta control. I have to clear daily to keep mine under control and I'm on digest for half of my loops.

Have a good time in Nome. Sounds like an excitin' trip.

Dee said...

Thanks, Liz! I still haven't gotten around to them yet - too much other paperwork I need to do! Yuk!

Hope you're well!