Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bachelorette Party!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to a bachelorette party for MisAnthropology, who writes a blog about the "Wedding Industrial Complex". MisAnthropology is also an anthropologist and a colleague of mine. Her good friend, Ms. K., organized the festivities.

We met for a drink at the Tear Drop Lounge in the Pearl District in Portland - I had a very good drink called the Rosy Dawn.

Then, we went to the Daily Cafe also in the Pearl District. I had the wild Alaskan snapper. Delicious!

Ms. K paid for our pedicabs down to Darcelle's IX for a drag show. MisAnthropology got all dolled up, complete with four-inch heels; Ms. K wore sequins; I wore a skirt with my Chacos, although I also wore make-up, too, in honor of the event. MisAnthropology looked great in a purple dress.

It was fun! I enjoy Darcelle's very much - the place has fun memories for me. The first time, I went to the show with some of my softball/v-ball friends and afterwards, they went on my first date with Scott - Scott met the whole lot of us at a bar in downtown Portland. My friend, Josh, said beforehand, "If I don't like him, I'll kick him in the arse." After meeting him, Josh said, "He's okay. I like him. Have fun." It's nice to have your friends looking out for you afterwards.

The second time, a group of my card-playing/v-ball/softball buddies went for my 43rd birthday, almost two years ago. We met for drinks and dinner beforehand, went to the show, and then dancing. I hadn't raised hell like that in a long time! (Note to self - it's about time a bunch of us did something like that again.) That was the best Darcelle's show that I've seen.

Last night was funny, too, though, and I enjoyed watching MisAnthropology's reaction to it. The pedicabs were a great idea and our rider/driver guy was a fun young man.

Back to reality today, though. I have to grade papers . . . but then I am done teaching until mid-September! Yippee!

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