Monday, June 8, 2009

Feeling Better!?! : )

My stomach is not quite right yet - when I woke up in the middle of the night, I drank a sip of water and it almost came right back up and then I got the chills. I changed into my flannel pj's and put another blanket on the bed and ate a bunch of plain crackers. I was able to sleep 'til almost 7am.

This morning, all I really wanted to do was to take it easy and watch movies at home. However, I had to shower and get dressed because I had to go to a thesis defense this morning. I'm glad that I went - it was interesting - although physically it was still touch and go. My legs felt a little shaky and I feel really tired.

After the defense, I picked up a couple of things in my office, had lunch, then walked to my car and came home. I watched the movie "7 Pounds" with Will Smith. It was a good movie, [spoiler alert] if a tearjerker. I think I got the crying out of my system, though.

So, mentally, I feel better, but my tummy still isn't quite right. It's gurgling away and trying to cramp up. Good thing I don't have to do much today!


Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Take care, Dennis

Daria said...

Hi Dee,

Just a response to your question on my blog ..

Tumors in my lungs, liver and bones. The largest are on my liver ... one over 2 cm and one under 2cm.

So far I have no pain from the cancer.

We just battle on.


Dee said...

Hi Dennis,
Thanks for adding me to your blogroll . . . it's a great list, for sure! I'm in the midst of finals week and so won't be able to participate in the Cancer Book Club, but perhaps in the future. I'm also sorry to hear about your recent hospitalization. My own recent stomach bug is no comparison because of how mild it was - it was still bad enough to bring down my mood! Take care of yourself, okay?

Hi Daria,
Thank you for letting me know where they are - I'll try to include some visualizations to shrink that stubborn one! You know what? A friend of mine suggested that instead of visualizing the tumors to shrink, that you can visualize the organs as nice and healthy instead - if they are healthy and strong, there's no room for tumors. I'm visualizing healthy lungs and liver and bone for you!

Take care!