Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm back home!

Hey everyone,
I'm back home! I had a great meeting in DC - will post about that soon. I had a good night's sleep last night, then relaxed this morning at home, then went to a birthday party of a young boy who turned one today (his mom just graduated from OSU), then did some weeding, then went to a wedding reception for MisAnthropology. Scott joined me. We had fun and enjoyed some good conversation and good wine!

Tomorrow? We head to a barbecue in the afternoon, so that our team can get the other softball team drunk before we play them later.

I have something that I'll post about my meeting in DC - but that will take some time, so I may not get a chance to post it until later. It was interesting, though!

Oh, yeah, I noticed when I was in DC that any slight wheezing/coughing that I experienced was not mostly nonexistent. I figure I must be experiencing allergies here.



Daria said...

I've been wheezing and coughing quite a bit too ... I think it is allergies too.

My oncologist prescribed an inhaler for me a couple of months ago and now I'm using it a couple times a day. It helps me.

Carver said...

Glad your DC trip went well. I think allergies make sense and I hope that those symptoms won't last much longer. Hopefully it is something seasonal.

Dee said...

Hi Daria and Carver, Yes, I do think I have some slight seasonal allergy reaction - I have some slight wheezing again. Darn!

Hope you both had a great week-end!