Friday, June 19, 2009

In DC, at NSF

I'm in DC now and on the second day of our two-day meeting. I was part of this same committee last year and this year is much better. Last year, there was a lot of angst about the data we were given. NSF did a much better job explaining where this data came from and how it was gathered, so all that angst has gone. Instead, we have this sense that this is a much more productive meeting, instead of talking ad nauseum about what's wrong.

I always find these meetings interesting. The people on these committees are engaged, intelligent, and fun (especially for a bunch of stuffy academics!! I'm one of them). I always learn something at these meetings, whether it be something new about NSF culture or about some new field or finding.

I also met with my program officer at NSF, who continues to be very supportive of the King Island work as well as the new research I'm conducting with a colleague from Portland State. I also got to see a colleague of mine from OSU who is finishing up her two-year appointment at NSF. She's coming back to OSU in a few weeks; it'll be good to get caught up with her! I also saw the director of Polar Programs while I was here - it was good to see him, too.

My former sister-in-law, D., is picking me up from my meeting today and taking me to the airport. It'll be good to get caught up with her, too.

So, all in all, a successful trip! I'll be back home late tonight.

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