Sunday, June 28, 2009

Takin' Care of Business

The past few days have been busy. I still haven't cleaned out my email inbox. But I guess I got a few other things done. I took Eddie to Portland on Friday - we went to Buffalo Wild Wings so we could play a trivia game against other customers. Borders had a trivia game, too, but Eddie only read two of about 20 of the series. He ended up in 2nd place.

Scott and I have been rearranging furniture in the house.

I've been cleaning house - and as I stated in my earlier post - I'm washing clothes and am on lice and poison-oak rash spotting duty.

Thank goodness I'm not teaching. I've got more time for this stuff.

I have a CT scan on Wednesday. My wheezing has decreased - it's almost gone, although it comes back if I have processed sugar. I *think* that enlarged lymph node in my left armpit is smaller. I had to search some to find it. I have been doing more qi gong and visualization and while I'm not taking the cordyceps alone, I am getting a slightly increased dose of it with my mushrooms - I increased that dose about a week ago. The feather mattress top is off the bed, too. Not sure if that helped or not. I think pollen is decreasing here in the Valley - although my mom's and my brother's allergies were still bad last week, when I felt my symptoms decrease.

In other words, takin' care of business.

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