Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thank goodness for a high efficiency washer!

The men in my life are having issues.

Eddie, as his dad and step-mother discovered on Thursday, has lice.

Scott believes he has poison oak.

I found live lice on Eddie's head - two on Friday evening and one on Saturday morning. His dad and step-mom gave him a anti-lice shampoo Thursday night and combed his hair and got rid of nits. Eddie's step-mom told me yesterday that rather than treat him again with the shampoo (you should wait a week), to give him a mayonaise head soak. So, we did that yesterday. I only found a couple of nits yesterday evening.

Scott, on Friday (? I think), found a couple of red, splotchy, itchy spots. It wasn't until yesterday morning that he thought it might be poison oak. Well, now it's spreading - it might be in his system now.

I have never washed so many clothes at once in my life. Thursday, we pulled the sheets off Eddie's and our bed and washed them. We pulled Eddie's sheets on Saturday and Sunday. Each time they use towels, we're washing another load. We washed the couch cover. Their clothes everyday need to be washed.

We're like a family of chimpanzees - combing through our heads trying to find lice. My head begins itching every time I think about it.

So far, though, I've escaped both. Someone's gotta stay uncontaminated so he/she can do the laundry! LOL

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Daria said...

Oh I feel for you ... all that extra work...