Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eddie's Grades

So, I just received Eddie's 4th quarter and semester grades (I was in DC when Tim picked them up) and I thought I'd share them with everyone:

Subject 4th Quarter Semester
Reading 91 90
English 93 94
Spell/Vocab 95 93
Soc. Stud. 86 87
Math 95 92
Science 89 88
Handwriting S S (Satisfactory)
Music C C (Commendable)
Art S S

Not too shabby, eh? He improved over the course of the year. In the first semester, he had more 80s and one 76; and he improved on those subjects with 90s. So, he's moving on to the next grade!


Daria said...

Good job!

mapdr said...

woo hoo! I like that Music/Art/PE don't have number (letter) come there are two grades per subject?

Dee said...

Thanks, Daria!

Renee, the two grades are for the fourth quarter and the other is the semester (the last two quarter average) grade. I think my son is a chip off the old block!

mapdr said...

Yep, that's for sure...and thanks for the clarification.