Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sigh! Feeling MUCH Better

I'm feeling MUCH better today! Although my digestive system is not yet 100%, it's 90% or better and I feel back to my positive good self. There's something about stomach problems and nausea that really gets me down, more so that a cough or whatever. I remember that even with those few weeks of morning sickness I had when I was pregnant. That's why I dread the thought of IV chemo again and how I react to anesthesia. I hate nausea more than anything.

But it's gone now and I'm regaining strength (my legs felt shaky all day yesterday). Yay!

I would be grading now but my students haven't turned much in yet. I have two short papers I can grade . . .

I need to wrap my head around summer travel plans - will probably settle on something tomorrow. I need to talk to a few people first - like folks in Alaska as well as my mom.

I've been invited to attend a symposium and workshop in Oxford, England, on their dime, in August. Hard to pass something like that up.

Hmmm . . . definitely feeling better if I'm thinking about travel stuff, too. Also, the issue that Scott had to take care of looks like it's close to being resolved, so there's less stress there, too. I tend to reflect the mood of those around me - I take on their stress. I need to stop doing that as I have enough of my own, right? : ) Easier said than done . . .

Have a great day!

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