Friday, October 1, 2010

Glad I pay attention!

So, last night, so as not to mess up with my sleep, I didn't do any research on anaerobic infections. I was also way too tired.

This morning, I got curious enough, so here's the first site enlisted on Google:

Good thing I waited until today when I don't have a fever and am rested! Words like gangrene, pus, infections in deep cavities, tissue destruction, etc., are all in the description. If not treated, it could result in even bone destruction.


So, treatment is to take Flagyl and the fine needle aspiration to remove any pockets of pus. I see the surgeon at 3:30pm so we can more.

Based upon what I read, Mount Herminator is probably pus, or maybe it is a pocket of gas production.

So my metaphor of a volcano was pretty much on target.

Imagine if I didn't ask for appointments yesterday when the wound changed?

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