Sunday, October 10, 2010

Play Day Today

Yesterday, I wrote 5 pages on a grant proposal and drafted the budget. I also had lunch with a friend - yummy Indian food! But later, my stomach felt a little bloated or full. I guess it's off from the Abraxane? It's better today.

Since I worked yesterday, today was a play day. So, mom, dad, and I went to Spirit Mountain Casino - played some slots and ate at the buffet; I had yummy salmon. I tried not to eat too much thinking that maybe if I erred for less food, I'd be less likely to feel bloated. I donated money to the Grand Ronde. Not much. Figure I have probably broken even over all in the last couple of months.

Then, we picked up Eddie. And, we've been relaxing ever since. Did laundry. I need to read some for class tomorrow. I needed to pick up some more dressings and spent $45 on them today. Sheesh. Having a wound is expensive business.

Tomorrow? Get ready for class, then have class, then off to the hospital for my P.A.S. port. Tuesday? We take Eddie to Doernbecher's for his Marfan's check-up. I see wound care on Wednesday and will also have acupuncture in addition to class. Then, Abraxane on Thursday. Puttin' on the Pink next Saturday. A busy week ahead, that's for sure!

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