Sunday, October 17, 2010

Puttin' On the Pink

Even if I say so myself, I think this event was a success. There was a lot of sitting around and waiting, but fortunately, all I needed to do was mingle, then dress, then walk down the runway. I got touch-ups on my hair and make-up when I got there - my hair was really fluffed out and I hope to post pictures at some point. My cocktail outfit was a pretty black dress with heeled sandals and a black sweater over it.

Then, about 8, we changed into our model outfits. I had these comfy khaki slacks from Ex-Oficio and a plaid shirt, with a pretty North Face vest (which got HOT under the lights), and matching Keens. I am definitely buying the Keens - they have a strap and are a pretty violet red. I think I may have had red shoes only once before in my life . . .

When we showed up in the afternoon, we practiced walking down the runway. I had forgotten that they wanted us to do a flourish as we paused, like wave or dance or whatever. So, on the way to get my hair done, I told my sister I should do that '60s/'70s move, where the girls (I'm reminded of surfer girls) hold on to their nose, raise their other arm and shimmy down. Rena said I should definitely do that.

I wasn't sure if I would or not, but during the cocktail hour, I drank two glasses of red wine. Also, when we greeted the model coming back up the runway, we were to do some kind of fun interaction. There was a male cancer survivor in front of me, who was fun and a complete ham, and he thought that we would do a "high 10", then turn sideways to each other, lick our fingers, and point at each other's rear ends (as in "hot stuff"). So, between his antics and the liquid courage, when I reached the end of the runway, I held my nose and shimmied down and after my turns, I did it again. I think the crowd really enjoyed it.

I was so glad my sister, Rena, and my friend, Amy, were there! We ut streaks of pink in our hair beforehand!

I got lots of compliments on my hair - other models kept saying that it was fun and edgy.

I chatted with OSU's President Ray. When I introduced him to my sister and Amy, I said, "Dr. or President Ray" and he immediately said, "Call me Ed". He remembered me from the Phyllis Lee Award day last January so he very graciously asked how my treatments were going.

I ran into the past and present breast cancer coordinators at the clinic, Sue Merrill and Joanne Stutzman. Also, Dawn Jones from Project H.E.R. I also saw the radiology techs and other staff from the Cancer Center there - all really friendly. I got hugs all around. My own oncologist was there, too, and I got to meet his lovely wife, who makes the most beautiful quilts which are on display at the Cancer Center and the Infusion Center.

I had fun. I was more uninhibited than I expected - I just decided to be silly and fun and channel my old softball team's energy from the Reedsport Tournaments years ago. A couple of people kept saying afterwards, "Wow, where did THAT come from?", meaning my holding the nose and shimmying thing. They complimented me on my smile and my hair.

It was fun. I am still really really tired.

A huge thanks to my sister and Amy for being there to support me, and to my sister for being my escort! I was so glad they were there! A big thanks to the organizers of Puttin' on the Pink. It is a big event, with lots of auction items, lots of community people, food, drink, decorations, etc. A big thank you to Linda Howard and Roseanne and Dawn for helping the models - thanks, Linda, for getting me out of my comfort zone! Thanks to the audience for supporting all of us models. Thank you for everything! I had a great time!

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cyn said...

I'm so happy you let loose! If not now, when? :-) Way to go.