Saturday, October 2, 2010

Doing okay today

I am doing better today. No fever, so therefore no aches, pains, and chills.

I continue to take Flagyl, but I wake up with a headache and it took me almost to lunch for it to go away. It's also the most foul tasting pill I have had. If it so much as grazes the roof of my mouth, I about gag. So, now I really don't want to take it. Wish I had those lab results . . .

The wound is ugly and is draining like crazy. I do think that I will run out of dressings that keep the fluid in by Monday. That sucks because when it seeps out, I can smell it. It isn't a disgusting smell - sorta vaguely mildewy. And it gets on my clothes. My dressing is now about 6 by 8 inches. I have to psych myself up to change it, so I waited until 11am to take a shower. I have to look at it as if that thing isn't on me but on someone else.

I have been having pain in my right forearm. I suspected it was using my index finger to scroll up and down or side to side on my iPad. Also, because I can't use the virtual keyboard like a standard keyboard (I like to set my fingers on the keys to keep my place, I type a lot of garbage characters), I use my index finger to choose letters and my thumb to hit the space bar, but it often hits the n, m, or b keys, which is why some of my posts have those letters between words. After I posted my frustration last night, my forearm was throbbing, so I confirmed that it was indeed the way I was typing on the iPad. I end up backspacing a lot as I go, so I use my index finger a lot. So, today, I splurged a little and bought an iPad keyboard dock. I am now practicing on it. It's a bit stiff, but I like it and it's already saving my forearm.

I think that means I spend too much time on the computer, huh? : )

Heck, what else am I going to do when I need to rest!

It's nice out. I'm going to get Eddie out for a walk later - maybe to the Jackson Frazier wetlands. It's a beautiful fall day here. Hate to waste it resting in my room.

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MisAnthropology said...

I think you can do without the carpal tunnel. Really now. That's just too much of a party.

A little being in nature today sounds like a good plan. We just took the dogs for walkies. I have no idea why I'm back on the computer.