Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So far so good

First, I'd like to thank dad for hanging out with me today and for picking Eddie up from school. Things took longer than expected because they were waiting for orders from Dr. K . . . but I didn't stress about it because I didn't have to be anywhere at any particular time.

They used my right arm because the left arm is too close to the open wound. They found a vein fairly easily. Then, they gave me saline, then the premeds (anti-nausea with a small dose corticosteroid). I finally got the Abraxane, then it was flushed, and then I got Zometa.

Two of the nurses I know were there - J, who worked with my sister at one time, and P, who introduced us to cob cottages. I guess P has decided to build a cob wall in her backyard. I told them about Mount Herminator - they laughed at my description and P called me a "Conehead"!! LOL I really like the nurses there. A pretty cool bunch of ladies.

We also had an ongoing discussion of the port. Dr. K doesn't want me to have it. But the nurses do. In the end, they thought my risk of infection was higher because of multiple needle sticks then if I got the port. I'm opting for a P.A.S. port. While many of their patients have chest ports, there are some that have the P.A.S. port in their arm and they love it. None of them have had infections.

So, I get the port on Thursday and then my next Abraxane appointment is the Thursday (the 14th) after.

I colored October's Mandala of the Month - appropriately labeled Yin Yang! - and I colored red spots where the CT shows possible places of cancer. I think colored yellow A's (Abraxane) flowing through the mandala to the red spots and then put them on fire. The A's were "alarms" that called the HT cells (Herminator-2 cells or t-cells) where there were hanging out in the lymph nodes. The HT cells were called to put out the "fires" in the cancer areas. The whole area was colored a spring green with a darker blue on the outside. That signifies healing.

I also finished coloring another mandala by Maureen Frank, the Mandala Lady. It was one I started several months ago. It had roses. The nurses enjoyed looking at the designs in the three coloring books I had and particularly liked some of the colors I used. We had a fun chat about home remodeling, painting, and choosing color.

So, it was a relaxing time at the ol' Infusion Center. Great nurses. Good company. I'm just tired. Stayed up too late last night (midnight) - anxiety and some frustration at the medical team. As my therapist said today, this is why this is why we need electronic medical records!!

I also saw my therapist and my acupuncturist today. Thank goodness for both of them! I think by talking through my frustration with them, I was better able to let go of that negative energy so that I could welcome the chemo so it can do what it needs to do. I'm imagining Abraxane sending the alarm to the t-cells and the two working together to shrink the areas of cancer.

Thank you's are in order: First, to my dad and my parents for taking care of me and Eddie this past week or so. Second, to the other cancer bloggers and all my friends who are keeping me in their prayers and thoughts! I appreciate it all! And, third, I thank the nurses and my acupuncturist - it's very nice to have more than just a professional relationship with them. I think I would call them friends if they were not part of my medical care team. Well, they are my friends. Fourth, I want to thank Cat who graciously agreed to take on my class tomorrow. I visited her and Auntie Cecilia and Uncle Aakagak today to give her the materials. Uncle Aakagak is really a happy baby and climbing all over things. Reminds me of when I went to King Island with Uncle Aakagak - he scrambled up the right side of Kuuk so easily - with seemingly no effort. Scared the heck out of me! Cat, that's why Baby Goo likes to climb! You need to start him early on rock climbing! : ) And, finally, thanks for Dr. K for putting up with multiple phone calls and questions yesterday. I really needed to hear it straight from him so I could make decisions. I don't like being kept in the dark.

Thank you all again, very much!

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Joanna said...

I am so glad you are getting good care. It sounds like your medical team really cares about you. Your positive visualizations are such a part of you. I love to see how your mind works.