Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mt. Herminator to Eagle's Beak to Floppy FlapInator

Some of you may be wondering what is going on with the wound. Some of you may think, "no, that's too much information!" if you are in the latter category, go to the post above this one, where I talk about my anemia.

As you might remember, the tumor in my armpit became Mount Herminator. Then, the surgeon lanced the wound and over the last couple of weeks, The wound has been debrided of dead tissue. Last week, when it was debrided, it looked like a cave with an overhang of tissuenthat I likened to an eagle's beak which kinda covered the cave opening. It had a crook in the beak and everything.

Now, over the last couple of days, I can see the cave and the eagle's beak is becoming a floppy flapinator (I am rhyming with Herminator).

So, yes, between Abraxane and debridement, I have gone from Herminator to flapinator in just three weeks!

Now, who else might be able to say that? Not very many people, I would wager!

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