Monday, October 18, 2010

Abraxane Side Effects

I've had two Abraxane treatments so far. In terms of stomach/nausea/digestive problems, I seem to only get a gurfly stomach that night. Also, the anti-nausea meds cause some constipation, but that goes away after a day or two.

The biggest side effect is fatigue. This is explained by the fact that Abraxane affects your blood counts; when they tested me last week, I was anemic. My red blood cell counts (total red blocd cell, hematocrit, hemoglobin) were low, especiallyt he hemoglobin at 8.3. They were potentially thinking about giving me a blood transfusion, but my doctor thought I was still okay.

But I have certainly been fatigued. I exacerbated my fatigue with staying up too late on Friday and Saturday nights. Friday, I went to a grad student's house for dinner, but they didn't eat until 9pm, so we didn't leave until 10pm. And, Saturday, I was at Puttin' on the Pink all day. Sunday, we spent five hours at Bauman Farms in Gervais. I spent the last hour or so in the food tent while Eddie hung out with his cousins in the Dark Maze and then the Obstacle Course and the inflatables, which were all close to the tent. It was at the end of the day, so there weren't as many people. I got to rest and Eddie got to play. Also, dad drove up and back - a huge thanks for that! Thanks, dad!

I got to bed early enough last night, but I'm still fatigued. I got through class, but partly because I could lay down on the couch in my office and read and prepare for class.

I also feel that at least one or two of the lymph nodes and maybe some of the satellite lesions are smaller (lymph nodes) or softer (satellite lesions), which I think indicates that Abraxane might be working.

That's a good thing.

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