Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pictures - Thinning Hair to Bald to HATS!

This past week, my hair started falling out.  The nurses said that some people only get thinning hair with treatment, so initially, when I started seeing a few strands on the pillow on Tuesday, I just had it cut short and spiky on Wednesday in case I kept some of the hair.

Front view

A side view

But the next day and Friday, more and more started falling out.  It's starting to look rather thin.

Thin Hair!

On Saturday, I met some of my former students (now friends) for coffee.  I got a bite to eat and had some leftovers that I thought I'd give to Cat, but when I looked down on my plate . . . I saw a strand or two of my hair in the eggs!  Yikes!  It was falling out like crazy.  Soon, it looked like I had mange!  I decided then and there it was time to shave it all off.  But first, the search for hats started:

Cat in the Hat

Cat and I went to Goodwill.  She helped me pick out two, plus several scarves to keep my neck warm.  Cat was looking for Halloween costumes.  

After Goodwill, I picked up dad and we went to Kohl's in Albany.  I found a couple of cute hats, a scarf, a pair of gray cords, a cute charcoal gray jacket, plus some clothes for Eddie, mom, dad, and Scotty.  (Hey, things were on sale and I had a 20% off coupon.)

Then, it was off to Lebanon to see Amy and Josh, who had a few hats to give me.  I asked if they had an electric razor - they did - so I asked Josh to shave my head.  We went into the back yard and voila!

I'm bald again!  Thanks, Josh, for shaving my head!  No more finding hair in my food!  : )

Now I'll model the hats . . .

Goodwill Hat

Amy and Josh hat

Kohl's Hat

Another Kohl's Hat

Amy and Josh Hat
Amy and Josh Hat (although Heather claims it's hers!)

Another Amy and Josh Hat

Another Amy and Josh Hat

Goodwill Hat

This is a hat Joan gave me eight years ago, the first time I lost my hair to chemo.  She bought it in New Orleans!  Thanks, Joan!  It's one of my favorite hats!

Seriously, I don't mind being bald.  For the most part, the side effects of Abraxane are doable.  In fact, I feel emotionally happier and lighter than I have for months.  Literally, months.  Then again, maybe I feel "lighter" because I have no hair up there!  Ha!!!


Jill said...

Bald is beautiful. Good for you for getting your head shaved. That is what I did after my first chemo treatment when I found a few hair coming out.I heard that it means that "you" are taking control!
You look absolutely lovely in the hats:)

Joanna said...

Your post makes me so happy. First because you are so pretty in hats and you are embracing your current circumstances with grace and secondly because the Abraxane is doing its magic for you.

Kryn said...

you're gorgeous! My daughter loves hats!

Dee said...

@JIll, I wanted to see just how thin my hair was going to get, but by Saturday, it was evident, it was all going to go. So, yep, shave it all off!

And, thank you, Jill, Joanna, and Kryn for the compliments! All I know is that I'm happy!

@Joanna, yes, Abraxane is working. I think it's working quite nicely in conjunction with the t-cell therapy!