Monday, October 25, 2010

In the Holiday Spirit - with thanks to Cat for this observation!

I had coffee with Cat and Robin and Robin's family on Saturday morning. As Cat and I walked back to her house, she observed that I am definitely in the Halloween holiday spirit!

First, I'm bald. Hair was falling out as we walked that morning.

Second, I told her that I was likely to get a blood transfusion this week (think, vampire).

Third, I told her that some of the dead tissue from the wound fell out while I was taking a shower. It's this tissue they call "slough", which is this creamy almost cheesy consistency stuff. It even sometimes acts like melted cheese, like on pizza, that has that strand of cheese that elongates . . . okay, I think you get the picture. The idea is, though, that I am like a mummy shedding flesh . . .

Now, this morning, I decided that Mount Herminator is no longer a mountain. As I mentioned, it had turned into an eagle's beak, then a floppy flapinator. Now, however, the cheesy creamy slough is located within a somewhat circular depression in my armpit - no more flap of skin over the area.

I decided it's a witch's cauldron, complete with some strange potion of dead cancerous flesh, Herminator-2 cells, and fluids. This particular potion leads to . . . no more cancer!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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