Thursday, October 7, 2010

Must Be On the Mend . . .

Or, I could've titled it, "The Mind is Willing but the Body says maybe".

Or, I could've titled it, "I want to join the land of the living."

I had a good night's sleep last night - about eight hours. First time in at least a week or more. So, after I dropped Eddie off at school, I went in to my office to pick up a file and then to my Humanities office to pick up a file there. Because, you see, I want to start being productive, so if I bring it home, maybe I will actually get to it. I want to start writing. I want to start thinking about something other than my health. I want to think about work.

A good sign, eh?

But I feel a bit weak and shaky today. And, after running around for an hour, I'm kinda tired again. I figure if I can weather the next few days, I will enter a new normal where I can work and put all the health stuff on a sort of back burner - where I don't have to talk or think about it all the time. I will get into some kind of routine, which will feel nice, so I can plan ahead.

I haven't had Phenergan (an anti-nausea med) since dinner time yesterday. My stomach feel mostly okay. I do have some diarrhea.

This afternoon, I have the P.A.S. port inserted into my arm. They will give me a sedative, so I expect to be kind of out of it again tonight. I hope I recover enough so that I can do something tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, fever's gone. The wound is still not a pretty sight, but parts of what used to be a very hard lesion is now kinda soft and mushy. Not sure what that means.

See you on the other side . . .

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