Monday, October 25, 2010

That's the Plan, Man!

I saw Dr. K today . . . it was great to confirm with him that the whole area with the wound has changed - in particular, the satellite lesions are smaller and a couple of the lymph nodes are smaller. So, I am responding to the Abraxane treatment. He asked how the treatment is going in terms of side effects, and other than fatigue and hair loss, it's doable.

He also took a look at the wound - morbid curiosity he said - and I'm glad he did so that he knew better what the surgeons and the wound care nurse are seeing, And, he's willing to let the surgeons decide if and when we do surgery to remove the rest of the diseased and dead tissue and to use plastic surgery to rebuild it.

Which means that I do the next round of Abraxane treatments, through November, and if the surgeons decide to go forward with surgery, then I'd go ahead with it in mid-December. However, if the plastic surgeon is away and I end up waiting until January, I will get the third round of Abraxane treatments in December, then take a break and do surgery.

After I recover from surgery, then I would do another few months of Abraxane. AS long as I keep responding, then Dr. K would keep me on it for six months total (with a break for surgery, if that is what we decided to do).

Fine with me. So, I've got several months more of being bald. I will definitely get a Henna tattoo at some point! : )

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