Friday, October 22, 2010

Pictures - Puttin' on the Pink

I will write captions later, but for now, here's the pics!

Amy, Me, and Rena (my sister) posing on our front walk.

Another shot of us three ladies.

And, yet another shot of us three!

Me and Rena, at the cocktail hour before the fashion show.

Me and Amy at the cocktail hour prior to the show.

Modeling my outfit - North Face vest, Ex-Oficio Pants and Shirt, Keen burgandy shoes
(I was starting to do a pose from Lady Tata's video, but got only half way there . . . )

My Escort, Rena, waiting for me to walk down the runway.

Walking Back Up the Runway

I am greeting the next model - after the high five, we did the twist!  (I almost forgot to do it, though!)

The models after the show.  The harsh lights really made my make-up stand out, in an unflattering way!  I think I look like a clown.  But it's still fun!

And, my shoes!  I got a 30% discount off them.  I love them!  Comfy, but Northwest chic, too!  Ha!

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Joanna said...

I love your hair. Really cute!