Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anaerobic infection, oh boy!

I saw the wound care nurse this morning and she confirmed that Mount Herminator had indeed changed significantly since Tuesday. I asked her about the smell, but she felt there it wasn't cancerous and it didn't seem like a bacterial infection.

Then Eddie had two appointments and then I saw Dr. K's colleague, Dr. O., who is new to the practice. First, I should say that I like this guy, too, and felt very comfortable with him.

Dr. O took a look at the wound, smelled the smell that I have smelt since I got the fever. His diagnosis? An anaerobic infection. So, I will take Flagil in addition to Levaquin in order to get rid of the infection.

Now, my day was busy and I was running on about 1.5 hours sleep. Damn insomnia! I forgot to take Tylenol/Ibuprofen on schedule, so by the time I saw Dr. O, my temp was 99.8 (using the forehead thermometer which runs about 1.0 below the in mouth models). And my pulse, blood pressure, and heart rate were up. So he felt that my immune system probably couldn't handle Abraxane tomorrow.

Instead, he wants me to see Dr. F, the surgeon, so he could ultrasound the lesion to see if there are pockets of pus, which would not be good in terms of fighting the infection. If so, then I think they could take out the pus through fine needle aspiration? Anywa, a lovely thought, that, "pockets of pus".

However, he wants me to start Abraxane on Tues, which would be one full week after starting Levaquin and five days after starting Flagil. I will start it after I see the wound care nurse, my counselor, and my acupuncturist.

I teach on Mon and Wed so I might need to find someone to take over my class on Wed. I have already asked someone . . .

So, now I am back on schedule with all my meds. I started out feeling okay today and slowly deteriorated. Still have a bit of a fever. And exhausted. So off to bed for me in a few minutes.


Teresa Hartman said...

Thinking of you, lady - wishing days of rest and pus-free pockets. You have definitely had a path to follow! Give my best to that great young man of yours. All the best from the fly-over zone.

Dee said...

Thanks, Teri! You are a sweetheart and always will be!