Saturday, September 4, 2010

Garage Sale

The last two days, my family and I had a garage sale. My folks had some china from my dad's sister that they wanted to sell, so we sorta pulled together a lot of other things to sell. Eddie even got together games, books, aptoys, and plushes he didn't want. In the end, we all sold some things -Eddie sold enough to purchase a desired Wii game, my brother got enough to buy more memory for his Android tablet, my folks and I got enough to buy dinner last night and tonight, enough to pay for the newspaper ad, with some left over for groceries. We took a bunch of stuff that didn't sell to Good Will.

So, it was worth it. We cleaned out the garage and got some money for it. I was really tired yesterday and the day before. I never had a chance to really recover from going to the State Fair on Wed, then was busy on Thurs cleaning and organizing, then did the garage sale and bought Eddie's school supplies, emergency kit items plus some things for the classroom.

Today, I cleaned and organized some of my papers, need to file some tomorrow. I also need to do some edits on a chapter tomorrow. Then, head to my friends' house for a "Whose Line Is It Anyway" party! I think some light-hearted comedy is just what the doctor ordered! Then on Monday, I will take Eddie to Chuck E. Cheese, which was a ritual we had for when school ended, but we didn't get to it yet this year. Tooo busy!

Happy Labor Day!

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