Monday, September 6, 2010

Aches and Pains

As I mentioned in my earlier post today, while I am disappointed that I couldn't see my friends and colleagues in Norway, I am glad that I am home as I adjust to my weepy date, Exu.

With regard to aches and pains, I start feeling them when I forget to take Tylenol. For some reason, I ache from my lower neck, to my shoulders and shoulder joints, down both triceps to my elbows through my forearms to my finger joints.

I took Eddie to Chuck E. Cheese for a last blast of fun before school starts on Wednesday. By the time we left, my shoulders and arms were aching so bad all I could think of was getting home, but I still had to drive 45 min to get home. It has a way of dampening your mood, causing worry, etc. But soon after I got home, took some Tylenol, and put heat on all the achey places, I feel almost normal again.

I am not sure what is causing all of the aches. I do know that the cancer and inflammation in my left armpit is causing aches in that shoulder joint and I know that scar tissue and some lymphedema is causing aches in the right one, but I am not sure why my elbows ache (maybe just resting my arms on surfaces?) and I do have arthritis in my finger joints. Maybe tension is causing the neck aches - well, that and having to sleep on my back too much.

Anyway, as I watched people at Chuck E. Cheese and at the mall, I envied them the fact that most probably do not feel any pain.

Or aches.

They are so fortunate.

Sigh. I will experience that again. Not sure when. Just hopefully sooner rather than later.

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