Monday, September 20, 2010

Puttin' on the Pink

I may have said something before, but I will be a model for a local fundraiser called Puttin' on the Pink. It is a benefit that raises money for Project H.E.R., for women have been diagnosed with breast cancer in our local community. They have mentors that help the newly diagnosed navigate cancer treatments, they gave me two free meals two? years ago, they offer Mammacare classes, and pay for the local breast cancer coordinator. They are a great resource for our community, so when this year's co-chair asked if I would model, I said sure.

Last week, I had my fitting at a local sporting goods store that sells high end sporty clothes and equipment. At first, I was disappointed that I wasn't wearing dressy clothes, but in the end, with my Exu Date dressing, I figured it would be better to wear something comfy and casual. The outfit we settled on has some khaki-colored (with a bit of an olive green tone) slacks ($99) made by Ex Officio that are really soft and comfortable (not cotton, but a synthetic material, I think), a fine-striped plaid shirt that has maroon/dark purple stripes and also a grayish-green ($65) with a shiny Reddish-purple North Face vest ($95), plus a purplish red leather pair of Keen shoes (like Mary Janes, about $90). It was fun trying on clothes! And they looked good on and I felt comfortable. I went across the street and found some garnet earrings and necklace - I just decided to buy them. The store gave me a 10% discount. The sporting good store also offered me a discount of the clothes (30%) and I must say I am tempted to buy the Keens, the vest and/or the slacks. But I should save my money.

My sister agreed to be my escort so today, she and I found her dress. I also need to find one for the pre-show cocktail hour and silent auction. I might already have one that works, but I may look just in case!

Anyway, at first I felt a bit intimidated by the formalness of the affair, but now I have decided just to enjoy myself and have fun dressing up! Luckily, I should still have all my hair. I will see my hair stylist earlier that day to hopefully get an edgy, spiked, sort of hair style! I will post pictures!

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