Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mount Herminator!

There have been a couple of times when I considered whether or not I should post a picture of my armpit, but it isn't very pretty. I can assure you, it is an image I want to forget. Part of feeling sorry for myself yesterday is that we took picture of the area to give to Dr. K and the image was just too much on top of the fever. Not not pretty.

But there seems to be some changes in the wound. It had shrunk some and now it seems that part of it is growing "taller", so to speak. It isn't getting wider or longer. But taller. It is growing out on an interesting cone-shaped way.

So I named it Mount Herminator! May it (figuratively not literally you understand) blow it's top and get rid of all that hot, toxic cancer.

Can you tell? I am feeling better. My sense of humor is back. I am a bit queasy and weak in the knees from the Levaquin that Dr. K prescribed, but that seems a small price to pay. I would rather feel like this than achey and tired from a fever; I feel healthier and more energetic with the antibiotic. But since I still have a headache and feel a bit chilly, I am taking it easy. No need to overdo it. Had a meeting this am -didn't want to cancel as we were talking about ways to accommodate my job around my treatments and fatigue. But someone is showing a film in my class for me. What a way to start a term!

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