Thursday, September 2, 2010

Herminator-2 Cells, Do What You Need To Do!

Okay, after consults with two doctors and my acupuncturist, I have made a treatment decision:

I am not going to do anything for the next two weeks at least.

Yep, do nothing. Let those Herminator-2 cells do their thing, which is kill the cancer.

I saw a radiation oncologist on Tuesday. He saw the tissue necrosis, as well as the weeping and the nodules. When we look at what's going on, we see that the large tumor under my arm has not grown at all. In fact, the tissue around it has necrosis, so we assume that the cancer in the skin is dying. On the other hand, the nodules, which have cancer, seem to be bigger. Is that because the cancer is growing or is it growing because the Herminator-2 cells are in there and causing inflammation? At this point, only time will tell. In the end, he felt that maybe we should hang in there until I see the docs at UW on Sept 16. That way, I stay on the clinical trial, which is a good thing, in the name of furthering understanding of this process. He was fine with waiting two weeks. When I mentioned to him that cancer was on the run, he agreed with me. He also said something that there might be cancer in the fluid leaving the area, which is just what I said in an earlier blog post. So maybe the cancer is on the run.

Then, I saw my acupuncturist. She had just returned the week before from a weekend workshop with her mentor that focused on treating patients with cancer. So she gave me a long long list of dietary changes I can make. I may write it all down sometime, but no time tonight. Then, when she found out that I hadn't had any western medical drugs to treat my cancer, she was excited. She feels we have a good window here to see how Chinese medicine can work with the Herminator-2 cells to fight the cancer. I guess that her mentor uses a series of weekly treatments for cancer patients, so she started me on that treatment. I have appointments with her next week and the week after. So I started to gather food to support this change in diet. I must also not eat sugar or anything with added sugar, white flour, or alcohol. She was excited that I wasn't on any western medicine drugs.

I also saw the wound care nurse about the weeping under my arm, so she put on a waterproof dressing with silver on it to keep it free from infection. I don't have an open wound, per se, but seeping from the skin. The dressing can last two days, so I will see her tomorrow and get another change.

This morning, I saw my regular oncologist and while he couldn't see the armpit, he did see the picture ghat we took on Tuesday. While he is uncomfortable, he will allow me to wait another two weeks and then make a decision then. Maybe we will have a better idea of what's going on.

So, the plan, as I understand it, is to wait. Show Dr. D. the area and see what she says (on Sept 16). Then I will see Dr. K. in Newport, as that is where he will be before he goes on vacation for a week. I will also be in Newport for a work-related meeting.

At this point, I am happy to wait. I have visual proof that there is some death of the cancer there. And my acupuncturist was happy with some of my pulses - they were strong. And I have renewed my commitment to changing my diet and exploring my more spiritual side and changing old patterns.

I will say that I have had a personal challenge recently and I ended up falling into an old pattern. I thought I was justified in my reaction . . . and I think the situation does warrant some kind of response. But then a friend of mine emailed me out of the blue (although we have emailed a few months ago and exchanging strategies for fighting cancer) and he mentioned a concept from a book he has recommended to me and reminded me that we are all part of the energy of life. I read the part of the book he recommended and realized that the person I am angry with is also part of this flow of energy and life and my reaction . . . as well as my not-quite-formed ideas to resolve the situation were created blockages, like knots in the tapestry of life. And that was causing me more stress than I needed at the moment. My acupuncturist had asked whether or not I could let go of the situation and at the time, I was unwilling. But after the email and reading this book ("This Thing Called You" by Ernest Holmes), I realized that I was holding on too tight to my own ego. Once I realized that, I let go and I felt things/energy flowing through me more freely, which made me realize how tightly I was holding onto this issue.

Anyway, this gives me hope that between the Herminator-2 cells and acupuncture, I may soon (in a month or so) have some evidence of the retreat of this cancer. So, wait we will.

More tomorrow on our visit to the State Fair! And I need to post pics.

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