Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UW tomorrow and Newport on Friday & Saturday

I may not post for a couple of days. I will be in Seattle tomorrow for a follow-up visit at UW. I will see what they have tomsay about the tissue necrosis and whether or not I should start some kind of treatment. At this point, Imwould lime tomhave their best guess about what will heal the necrosis and kill the cancer sooner because that is the treatment I will choose.

Then on Saturday, I head to Newport to attend a gathering with members of our new School of Language, Cultures and Society. My department will be combined with Ethnic Studies, Women's Studies, and Foreign Languages and Literatures, supposedly to save money, but so far, I think they are showing that any savings will be small - maybe even cost more if you consider all the time and effort all of our faculty have put into talking about what to do, time that took us away from our duties of teaching and research. At least, I like our colleagues and it will be nice at the Coast. I will stay the night there - a friend will stay with me so we can play at the coast on Saturday. Eddie will be with his dad.

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