Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Coincidence?

Mr. Exu is really crying buckets. I went through 10 or 12 layers of gauze sponges in about 8 hours today. It was almost an inch thick. My colleague joked yesterday that I should just wear a Kotex under my arm!

The interesting thing is that last week, my acupuncturist started treating me according to a specified treatment given to her by her teacher. It is aimed at releasing old patterns and stagnant energy. The treatment is augmented by the use of essential oils that are dabbed along the Dai Mai (belt channel). I started using the essential oils (3 days on, 3 days off) after I saw her on Tuesday last week and by Friday, Mr. Exu was weeping more. I am on Day 3 the second time again and that armpit is practically gushing.

A coincidence? Is the treatment working to release old patterns, exemplified in weeping fluid from my largest area of worry in that armpit? I think so.

I see my acupuncturist tomorrow and will mention it to her.

In the meantime, I had gigong tonight and it really helped my mood. I was pissy at home all day because I didn't get enough sleep and had to get up early. My task tonight! Turn out the light by 11pm and GET SOME SLEEP!

P.S. Also found out that since our department's office managers duties have shifted because of the "realignment" at the university, she has less time for advising. So this year, I will be our undergraduate advisor, which gets me out of one course for the year. So at this point, I teach one course in fall and one in spring, pus a one-credit Honors College overload. I gave a Humanities fellowship in winter and advising buys me out of another class. Whew. More flexible time for me which is needed.

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