Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Happenings

I actually slept okay last night. I went to bed about 10:30 (apparently the steroids didn't kick in), woke up about 2pm, went back to sleep about 3 and then woke up every hour until 6:40. So, about 6 or 7 hours all together.

I did some work on the computer - had to file a claim and then changed my profile pic on Facebook (still need to change it for the blog), then Eddie and I ran some errands. We want to start Eddie on some music lessons, so we went to the music store to see what instruments he might like. In the end, he would still like to learn how to play the harp. There's a music teacher who might let us rent one, so I'll look into it in the next couple of weeks.

Then, we checked out snorkel masks, found a wii game that he wanted, then lunch. Afterwards, I worked on taxes all day, although I'm kind mad with how H&R block set it up - I can't go directly to the forms themselves and read the instructions. I'm stuck in the interview part. I need to look into it more tomorrow.

After dinner, we watched Mamma Mia - mom and dad got me the Blue-ray movie for Christmas. It was fun hearing the old Abba songs! Now, I'm catching up on my blogs.

Tomorrow, will relax in the am, maybe look some more into the tax situation (trying to figure out if I can also claim dad on the taxes so I can get a bigger refund), and then Eddie and I are heading to laser tag in Eugene, where we will meet one of the other Puttin' on the Pink models and her 9-year-old son. I'm sure they will have fun and M and I can visit!

Well, no other news. I'm just gonna get ready for bed! Good night!

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